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History and Context

Cover of Design magazine, 206, February 1966

Design Online is an electronic library containing a digitised record of Design magazine for the years 1965 to 1974. There are around 100 pages in each magazine, which are available as full screen size black-and-white or colour images. Design is searchable through its own web interface: Design Online.

The aim of the Digitisation In Art and Design (DIAD) project was to provide a digitised record of seminal journals in design and applied arts subjects within the Higher Education sector. DIAD was an ELib (Electronic Libraries) digitisation project supported by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee). The DIAD project brought together a range of technical and subject expertise in multimedia and the design and applied arts sector. The London College of Printing (now known as the London College of Communication) at the London Institute (now the University of the Arts London) was the lead institution; Bretton Hall, a college of the University of Leeds offered a user-testing group from its undergraduate and post-graduate students; Falmouth College of Art provided expertise in developments in multimedia and Internet use; and System Simulation Ltd created the DIAD database using their Index+ software.

Cover of Design magazine, 312, December 1974

Testing the Interface Design

The interface design for Design Online went through several stages incorporating user testing at each stage. Researchers from the London College of Printing were involved in creating a system that provided continuous visual feedback to the user. This led to the current interface which allows the user to move forward and backwards at year level and at article level, and also laterally at article level.

Protection of Intellectual Property

The DIAD project had received approval from the Design Council for all editorial content of the journals, however it was necessary to gain permission from other copyright holders. Copyright issues in the case of Design magazine were fairly complicated involving photographers, designers, illustrators and agencies. It was very time consuming to trace all the copyright holders and to elicit a response from them. However there is now a tested protocol in place.


Contact Details

Address: Sarah Mahurter
University Archives and Special Collections Centre
London College of Communication
Elephant and Castle
Tel: +44(0)20 7514 9333
Copyright DIAD was a JISC supported ELib project to digitise issues of Design Magazine. The original materials digitised in this project are copyright of either the Design Council or the individual authors, photographers, designers or illustrators. The digitised images and information held in the database are copyright of the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London made with permission from the Design Council or the individual copyright owners. Every effort has been made to trace and contact copyright holders to gain permission for use within this collection. In the few instances where we have not been successful in gaining permission we have removed the images. Any persons or organisations having information pertaining to, or claims to ownership on any remaining images should contact the London College of Communication immediately so that appropriate action can be taken. If any images do indeed infringe copyright, we will withdraw them immediately, if appropriate.

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