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History and Context

Blue jug and oysters, 1991, painting by Tom Cross

This collection of Tom Cross images has been kindly donated by his widow Pat Cross who is keen to ensure the legacy of Tom's work continues and inspires students and artists alike, following his death in 2009.

Originally, University College Falmouth acquired the Tom Cross Archive early in 2010, following research on the history of the College. The archive provides a personal account of the life and work of the artist and former Principal of Falmouth School of Art through sketchbooks, diary entries, news-cuttings and exhibition catalogues. Whilst in the role of Principal from 1976 to 1987, Tom Cross produced many paintings and drawings inspired by Cornwall's landscapes and seascapes. He felt it was important for students to be taught by practising artists and invited many key characters from the St. Ives art scene to teach at the College.

Prior to his time at Falmouth Tom lived and worked all around the country and abroad, and was influenced by a range of popular styles including French Modernism and Russian Constructivism, making him a key British 20th century artist.

Photograph of Tom Cross, 1996

Following the donation of the archive, Pat Cross also wanted to donate a substantial collection of Tom's slides of paintings and drawings, which the College's Image Library has uploaded into its database The Image Space for learning, teaching and research at University College Falmouth. Out of this collection, Pat kindly donated a selection for public access via VADS, as she was keen to share the prolific work of her late husband with a wider audience. Pat and The Image Collections Co-ordinator from University College Falmouth made the selection together, based on works which Pat thought were key in Tom's career and which showed a cross section of the range of work from different periods.

Copyright and Permissions

The images in this collection are copyright of the artist and are to be used for private research and study purposes only and are not for commercial use. The metadata is copyright of The Image Library, University College Falmouth. For further information about the collection contact:

Sketch for Calamansac Wood, 1987, by Tom Cross

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Image Credits

Blue jug and oysters, 1991, painting by Tom Cross
Photograph of Tom Cross, 1996
Sketch for Calamansac Wood, 1987, by Tom Cross



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