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Core Record

Collection Crafts Study Centre
Weaver Elizabeth Peacock
Description Hand-woven length for a dress, trial, made from natural, hand-spun Southdown wool.
Id Number Current Accession T.74.158
Location Creation Site Clayton, Sussex, UK
Subject woven textiles, length
Measurements 190.5 x 43.15 centimetres
Weave plain
Material Southdown wool
History Trial length discarded as unsatisfactory. Experiment in spinning merino to produce a 'dry feeling' cloth. This idea pursued to final satisfaction, but no sample extant.
Relation Exhibition Exhibit No.31 in “Weaving by Elizabeth Peacock“, Crafts Study Centre, 1978.
Rights Owner Managed by the Crafts Study Centre.
Style Period Period 1950s
Technique hand-weaving
Process Warp and weft: hand-spun white Southdown wool. Every 5th and 6th end run together.




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